Make it Work

The beautiful thing about shooting outdoor lifestyle in September is if you plan it right, you can maximize a limited budget and get two shoots in one. That was the plan for Eider’s recent trip to Utah – take advantage of the fall colors going off in the Wasatch, and then head down to the desert for warm temps and sunny skies.

(Record scratch) It didn’t go according to plan.

The first part of the trip, spent hiking and canoeing around alpine lakes and mountain biking beneath a glowing blanket of Aspens, seemed almost too easy. The light was perfect. The locations, uninterrupted and breathtaking. The athletes and photographer completely in-sync. Even our four-legged friend Cima was nailing every shot!

Then the time came to head to Moab, where we expected the typical September desert weather – sunny and 80. Our weather apps indicated we might see a couple hours of afternoon showers one of the days, but in our overly optimistic, blissed out state, we figured it’d only make for deeper colored rocks and a more stunning sunset. Oh how naive we were, and how painfully wrong those useless apps can be!

The next two days were spent dodging showers, chasing light, and coming up with plan B’s, C’s, and D’s. Overnight storms left us mostly sleepless, our tents essentially punching bags to the 50 mph winds. We truly had to work for every shot.

During times like these (which happen often in photoshoots, marketing, and business in general) the ever-wise Tim Gunn’s words repeat in my head, “MAKE IT WORK.” And that we did. It wasn’t as stress-free as one would like, but through the darkness appeared literal rainbows and waterfalls, so a girl (and creative director) can’t complain.


Full selection of images will be released Spring ’17. Special thanks to photographer, Stef Cande, and athletes, Anton Sponar, Lauren Sponar, Tom Runcie, and Laurel Runcie. And of course, Cima the wonder pup!