Keepin' it Real

There’s a lot of hero storytelling out there, especially in the ski industry. And rightfully so! When ski porn season starts, nothing gets us more amped for the flakes to start flying than watching Elyse slay Alaska’s steep spines or cheering on Cody as he stomps pillows.

But a majority of real-world skiers are nowhere near being able to truly relate to this type of footage. Additionally, as the internet age has turned consumers into constant content cravers* only a certain amount of hero storytelling is realistic for most brands to produce each season. So several years ago, I started working in a small budget for secondary content to use throughout the season, like this short video, where I was also able to sneak in my distaste for the overused adjective, “epic.” (Can I get an Amen!)

Video credit: Caveman Collective

*Ha! That sounds like a kids’ board game…like Hungry Hungry Hippo, but with zombie like millennials Snapchatting themselves watching Youtbue videos of someone’s GoPro footage.