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When budgets are tight, you’re forced to think of how to maximize reach with your marketing dollars. After watching independent retailers struggle to stay in business, I developed the THANK YOU SKI SHOPS campaign, hosted and promoted on TGR to serve multiple purposes: engage shop staff and encourage their participation, improve early season sell-through, remind consumers about the value specialty retailers provide, and send a positive message during bleak times.

We communicated the details on this campaign with our retailers early on, collecting images from their shops to include in our creative, and getting them excited about the upcoming season.



From stylin’ threads to the latest sticks, ski shops have been there to help gear us up so we can do what we love most…shred mountains. It’s time we give thanks! Nominate your favorite ski shop for the chance to win one of three prize packages that include an Eider jacket, Julbo goggles, a Millet backcountry ski pack, and a grand prize package that also includes a One Planet Ski Pass and lift tickets to multiple Vermont resorts. The shop with the most votes will also win two grand prizes for their staff to enjoy, so spread the love!

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The campaign was a huge success, with thousands of entries that included valuable consumer data for Eider and our retailers, we saw noticeable improvements on December sales, and an increase in new dealer appointments for SIA. The winning shop, who regularly promoted the contest on their social media channels wasn’t even an Eider account. But they were the next season.