My Story

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Put me in a low-slung chair around a campfire, and I’m a happy girl. Whether alongside a single co-pilot or laughing with a bunch of friends, it’s a special place to be. Stories are told, moments are shared, and long-lasting memories are created. (And hopefully nobody’s shoes catch on fire.)

That’s how I treat telling the story of your brand. To thrive in this hyper-competitive market, your audience needs to view your brand as a trusted friend around that campfire. In fact, in passion-driven industries, I cringe to even use the word “audience," because really, they should be seen as much more than that. An audience can turn on you at any time. Your friends…those are the relationships that last.

My friends? They’re the journalists, photographers, athletes, publishers, and brands who all collaborate to create and share these beautiful stories. We may be in the “business of fun," as they say, but it’s still business. Here are a few things they had to say about working with me:

Maro is easy to work with because she has taken the time to fully understand our brand and what we represent. She’s also exceedingly professional, hard-working, kind, and a joy to be around.
— John Clary Davies, POWDER Magazine
Maro is always a delight to work with. She takes the time to understand what I am requesting and responds with targeted pitches that nearly always hit home. She is 100% professional, smart, and fun. So, she is always the first person I call when I need something.
— Berne Broudy, Adventurer + Writer
Maro rapidly changed our brand’s exposure in the US and was able to establish a network in the industry faster than most people could. Hiring her was one of the best decisions I made while managing the Lafuma Group in the USA. So much so, that when I moved on and started my own company, she was the first person I sought out to bring on board.
— Guillaume Linossier, SAOLA founder
I’ve loved working with Maro for many reasons: Her love of the brand and unconditional commitment to remaining true to brand positioning is remarkable. She is able to take concepts that are not totally clear in my head, make sense of them, and then execute. Photo shoots that are managed to perfection, thanks to her rigor in project management and creativity. And last but not least, for her smile, her enthusiasm, and her attention to others.
— Aurore Calmier, Eider Brand Manager
I have worked with marketing departments as an athlete for over 8 years and have seen many different styles of running those programs. Working with Maro has been a really fun experience, where fresh ideas are always on the forefront. She has a great understanding of the industry, awesome energy, and is a great communicator.
— Andres Marin, Professional Climber and Sponsored Athlete